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Step 1.


The meeting of the minds. In order to program for you, we need to know who you are.  We spend one on one time getting to know you as an individual; Your lifestyle, what gets you out of bed in the morning, your  vision of fitness, and  the drive and why behind your fitness goals and your life.

Step 2.


Come as you are, together we will find out where your starting point is on your fitness journey.


We start with a 

 a full body composition analysis.


Then a movement analysis where we look at how you move and identify imbalances and limitations in your movements. 

  And finally an initial fitness test that will indicate what your energy output and strength at this given time.

This will give us our first data base of information to look back on and compare throughout your  physical evolution.

Step 3.


Combining the data from the previous steps, your personal  coach will create a long term plan with you that will guide you towards goals and allow you to gain ownership of your fitness path. As of this point on, you will receive:


  • Weekly programming created just for you 

  • Monthly one on one calls with your coach and progress reviews.

  •   Coaching staff available  for you onsite at the gym at all times ready to assist you, and online support through the training platform TrueCoach whether you  are training locally or remote.  

Everything is set for you to rise.