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Mizar Fuentes-Ortega



As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, Mizar found himself looking for another physical challenge. That’s when he found CrossFit (2009). He quickly realized this was something he wanted to pursue, both as an athlete and as a coach. With the mentorship of James Fitzgerald (Founder of OPEX Fitness), he qualified for the CrossFit Regionals multiple years in a row.  


Seeking to understand more, he joined the OPEX CCP program and continued to develop his mind, body, and spirit and looks to do the same with his clients. He became a coach for individuals who are committed to long-term progress and who are not just looking for a quick fix. Why? Because he enjoys having a positive impact on people’s lives, and he knows that everyone has the potential to be a stronger, healthier version of themselves.


As a coach, Mizar believes in starting with the basics. He encourages his clients to set goals and to understand their “why”. Why are they training? Why is this important to them? The reason we choose to do things is significant because it helps to set our priorities straight. The excuse “I don’t have time” no longer exists. It’s more like “It’s not a priority at the moment”.



Isabelle started coaching because she passionately believes in helping people to find their way to a healthier life.

She specializes in the development and support of people who are looking to make a big change, whether it be for sport performance or for their own personal well-being.

Isabelle has trained with the best athletes at MFO Training and OPEX Fitness (previously OPT), while preparing athletes of all levels for many types of sports and activities.

Sebastien Zappa Methode Wim Hof.png


PhD Microbiologist
Wim Hof Method instructor level 2
Oxygen Advantage Advanced instructor
ELDOA level 2

Born and raised in France, near Paris, I moved to the United States in 2005 and to Canada in 2019 in order to pursue my career as a scientist. I am a microbiologist and a biochemist with a PhD related to those disciplines. As such, I prioritize facts- or evidence-based knowledge and rigorous methodology.

My personal interest in the Wim Hof Method arose when I was in the process of treating a 10 years long chronic fatigue syndrome, that was associated with Lyme disease, depression, and fibromyalgia. After spending thousands of dollars in both medical and alternative therapeutic approaches, I found out that I had good results by breathing air and soaking in icy water.

This practice, in association with functional breathing and postural awareness, has been gradually putting me back on the right track, brought my happiness back and is slowly but surely bringing me back to the active lifestyle I enjoy by rock climbing, running, mountaineering, hiking, yogiing, lifting…

This search for happiness and vitality is what I want to share with you.


Looking For A Professional Coach Who Will Guide You Along The Way?

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