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Your breath directly affects your nervous system.

Your breath directly affects your nervous system. Slow, deliberate breath activates the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the rest and digest function, as opposed to the fight-flight-freeze response.

Conscious breathing offers a number of benefits.

These include improvements in: mood, sleep, blood pressure, respiratory function, metabolism and digestion, concentration and focus, nervous system regulation

Next dates at OPEX Montreal :⁠ - January 8 : Wim Hof Method (in French)⁠ - February 4 : Oxygen Advantage⁠ - February 5 : Wim Hof Method (in French)⁠ - 12 March : Wim Hof Method (in French)⁠ - 2023: REBO2T, Oxygen Advantage, EDLOA and of course the Wim Hof Method ;-)⁠

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