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Seasonal changes in environment

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Seasonal changes in environment, as well as social shifts this third quarter/pre-autumn

Economi is directly affected

Due to economic restrains now they dont have access to those foods… relative to the season…

Politics; where you are and who take decisions in determining cost of food, taxation on foods or lack of…

What is local to you. Local soil and food sources are applicable to you and surrounding area.

Where you are in the wold (latitude, sun light, temperature). This does affect based on what you do for daily living.

Not every one can get up at 5am in the middle of January (its dark, its cold).

Will you have a fruits and berry shake for breakfast?

Or more nourishing foods (eggs...)

Socially; kids going back to school, fall and spring two majors shifts in energy. Sun cycle, influx of effort to make food - sunny. Fall, harvesting and preparing foods for long winter, less light, changes in temperature.

Deep connection with nature and rhythm, seasonability…

Perfect timing to re-adjust with goals with seasonal stressors.

Social; start school year, less sun light, more stressors.

How resilient you are to current changes that happen in the fall?

How can you prepare for this?

When September comes, its the time of the year things starts socially.

Compare local markets in mai and September. Not same foods.

How do people get great macronutrients. By the foods they absorb through gut. How resilient are you? Why aren’t you absorbing those nutrients? Can we improve the resilience of the gut. What kind of things can increase that? Variety fixes everything. Meats, fruits, vegetables, fats. Sleep better Drink water See sun light. #Movement #Nutrition #Lifestyle #LifestyleCoaching #FitnessTraining #Coaching #BuildConfidence #PrecisionNutritionCoaching #PrePlannedWorkouts #individualWorkoutStations #PersonalTraining #WeightLossJourney #BrazilianJiuJitsu #MMA #Montreal #YUL #StHenri #Atwater #Opex #OpexMontreal #CraftedCoaching @opexfitness @isacoachopex @opexmontreal @Mizaropex @crafted.coaching

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