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“what is LIFE ROM”?

Coaching Mastery Calls

“what is LIFE ROM”? - define that for yourself and your knowledge, then the client

We have to educate people on how we die

Weare and tear/mechanics, genetic issues,

Living is a good thing!

Existence is a great thing!

What does a life of physical extension mea?

We want to express ourselves physically

What are you doing to improve yourself.

We want a LIFE of expression

What is physicality for the best life expression.

What is a Life of Physical expression?

What are you capable of doing?

Cradle to grave.

Punch, Lunge, sit, lift, hang

What Range of Motion (ROM) are required to sit down?


Sunshine and water. Sleep. What does this has to do with Living?

Developing mouvement will bring you freedom.

As you explore movement, you will see where your limitations are.

With these limitations you can explore the desire to try to move further next time you will try.

Is this necessary to get a larger life?

What caused this?

Who is responsible of this?

What is current human function?

Going up and down stairs

Punching keys


Ask someone to ask more of themselves.

Life is striving for 100% potential.

Crossfit is 120% - over reaching

Inspiration through intentions. Inspired to be the best of oneself.

Be all that you can be.

Strive for that potential.

How you do that?

Drinking more water.

Lifting things

Going for a walk at high pace.

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