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Exercise CAN NOT be done just to burn fat.

Exercise CAN NOT be done just to burn fat.

Then what is the intention of mouvement?

Move because you can! because you are capable of doing.

Times fucks everything up - the fact you need to put time and it will take time messes things up!

You need to find the time.

You need to make the time.

The rate of adaptation is an adaptation based on the current task we need to overcome.

Step back and compare to life time physical potential.

When pushing too much; Compensatory phase of adrenal fatigue.

System picking up the slack before the shit hits the fan.

If you want to get stuff done. Everyone has the capability to do so.


If you really want to go to these big levels, you will find the way!

Psychology has a big part to play. You need to be willing to put everything on the line!

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