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The handstand push-up course.

ITS HERE on LearnRX!!!!

The handstand push-up course. Learning the handstand push-up is a huge project. As long as you have the right path (like this class), the only secret is to consistently practice and be prepared to take your time. Spend time in the progressions to build strength and confidence being inverted. This is the key to success for efficient handstand push-ups. Fast-tracking the development of the skill will sooner or later catch up with you. Prioritize quality of motion over quantity of reps or intensity as you set the foundation of the skill. This will come later as the skill is mastered. Finally, ensure the skill is practiced with control and presence. Consider this a long-term project and enjoy the process. If you want to know how to refine this specific skill, this class is for you :) Click on the link below to start the course!

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