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What Are OPEX Gyms?

OPEX Gyms are the evolution of personal training.

Inside of an OPEX Gym, you'll receive a one to one personalized fitness experience from your coach, but you'll also enjoy the fun and relationships of training in a community-focused gym!

When you become a client at an OPEX Gym, here's how you'll get started:

1. You'll have a sit down one to one coaching consultation with your coach - this will help them design your entire fitness experience in and out of the gym

2. You'll have a physical assessment so that your coach knows what limitations and strengths you have. It's only through a quality assessment that your coach can effectively design your fitness strategy and program

3. You'll have your program sent to you through an app called TrueCoach.

4. You'll do your training on the OPEX Gym floor with your friends and also with a professional OPEX Coach helping to guide you through it.

5. You'll put your results into TrueCoach so that you have an ongoing place to see your forward progress.

6. Your coach will communicate with you on the gym floor, through the TrueCoach app, and in a monthly off of the floor consultation

7. You'll make progress for years!

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