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What is the strength continuum?

What is the strength continuum?

The strength continuum, that is - absolute strength, strength speed, speed strength, and absolute speed - provides a means for classifying types of muscle contractions.

The most important aspect of the strength continuum is understanding that to maximally express all types of contractions, a base level of absolute strength is required. To begin progressing absolute strength, muscle endurance and motor control are the priorities. Even though absolute strength is a prerequisite for appropriately expressing the rest of the strength continuum, there is no specific level of absolute strength required to begin developing the other contraction types.

To express strength speed effectively, repetition for learning pure force generation in the form of absolute strength is necessary. Developing motor control to express force effectively through a lower speed of movement allows the expression of strength speed. Strength speed as a characteristic is moving a load faster, such as in pure Olympic weightlifting.

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